Monday, July 10, 2006

Bidding Farewell To One Of My Friends

It was again Saturday, the 08th of July, when I had been to pay send-off to one of my friends. Similar to the day, more or less 14 months ago, when we had to leave some of our friends, who were flying away from Calcutta, after the final semester exams were completed, to join respective jobs. That was probably one among those very few moments in life, when we weren’t happy for, the exams schedule being so short in time.

Day before yesterday, was a day such, when I was in Howrah Railway Station to bid farewell to Harpreet, a batch mate of mine. She left both ABP & Calcutta, for Ludhiana and a company yet to be decided. As I was praying for the train to be as late as possible, though I know that it won’t be….. One of my batch mate, Rajinder Nagi and a junior of mine Jitender Jhakarh have also came running, just a couple of minutes before the scheduled departure, to share with me, those not-so-good moments. Within no time, the train started moving and we cud only see each other for 2 or 3 seconds, and turned around, knowing that neither of us can do so for long. There was a complete silence for some time, among three of us. Consoling each other from inside with no words, we left the same old platform which was home for many such moments in the past.

Few other friends of mine, to whom, I had been to pay a send-off in the past :

Rohit Bawa Urf Bawe in Howrah Railway Station

Sahiba in Howrah Railway Station

Rashmi Urf Chinna in Howrah Railway Station

Ribhav in Calcutta Airport

Neha Urf Moti in Calcutta Airport

*etc etc etc …

Anyways, time is not always the same. With high hopes to meet all of them some time down the line.

Re-Iterating such bad moments….

Raja Gopal.


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At October 14, 2006 5:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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