Thursday, November 08, 2007

My 10 -- Day Holiday @ Home !....

Hello and here I am to give a glimpse of my last month’s holiday episode. I had been to Hyderabad on the evening of 17th October, after attending the office. My ticket being in Kingfisher Airlines, guess, I had left my heart in the flight after landing in Hyderabad and before going home. Ha Ha Ha….

My visit wasn’t known at home as I haven’t informed them about my itinerary. I am not sure how pleasant it was to my family, but yes it was definitely a surprise. Was in Hyderabad on 18th and 19th and on 19th evening, had packed my bags to go to Bangalore, bcoz to meet the IT industry people, Saturday & Sunday are the only possible days. On 20th morning my cousin had come to receive me and since then it was a very busy schedule in the IT city, for meeting relatives and friends. As I had to go back on the very next day, all the appointments were fixed earlier. I had met my cousin, relatives and my Engineering friends after so many years and it was a fantastic experience. Though Rain in Bangalore has ruined some time but still managed some get-togethers. On sunday, though not wanted to, but had to travel back.

On Monday, here in Hyderabad, one of my MBA batch mates has come from Delhi and had to go back on Wednesday. So, on Monday and Tuesday had to meet her and one of my MBA juniors, who works there. After Tuesday, it was the turn of relatives & friends in Hyderabad.

In the mean while, as far as my family episode is concerned, everyone is fit & fine and it was great having home cooked food, sleeping late nights and waking up in the afternoons. My brother has just joined his MBA and moreover his birthday was impending. So, had to buy some clothes and a mobile phone ( Nokia 5300 ) for him.
So, since Tuesday to Saturday, my stay was pretty fine, being with relatives, meeting friends, watching my country movies with them and roaming around Hyderabad. Here are some snaps.

The week ended so fast and guess what, I had to get back to Kolkata. Uff…. It was really sad, I didn’t want to….. NOOOOOOOOOOOO……… But finally landed in Kolkata on Sunday night, to join the office as usual on Monday morning…….. Eagerly waiting for the next tour !....

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal /-


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