Saturday, January 06, 2007

One Batchmate Of Mine Weds The Other ...

It was 9th of December, when I was waiting to complete the as usual half-a-day in the office premises, for a not so simple reason of attending a marriage, far from Calcutta, some where in the city of nawabs ( Lucknow ), on the next day…… So, had to start my journey to lucknow on Saturday afternoon. Along with me was, Mithun Biswas, another batch mate of mine, who was also to attend the same. We took Rajdhani Express to Kanpur on Saturday evening and reached there at 5:00 AM on Sunday. Luckily, Mathura-Lucknow express was standing on the other platform, as if it was sent solely for us. We rushed to the ticket counter and took two general tickets to lucknow, and got in to a reservation coach. Thanx to who so ever the Ticket Collector was, for not getting in to the coach to check the reservation details. We safely n steadily reached lucknow in a couple of hours time, took a sardarji’s Auto Rikshaw, to my friend’s abode.

After that, time raced away like anything. At around 2 o Clock, after having seen a little of Lucknow, along with another guy Somesh, the marriage proceedings have started. Guess what !…. The Ghodi ( Female Horse ) is here, sitting on which, the groom goes to the venue, and above all, we already got on to the road dancing in the Baraat ( Marriage Procession ). A long lasting wish of dancing in the baraat is fulfilled. Entertaining the common public around with our not-so-graceful movements, we reached the venue. The marriage started and we got on to our job of a photographer & camera man, though there were some people nominated.

Having sat on their respective seats, the bride & the groom were luking fabulous, with all the necessary decorations done. Don’t worry, they are captured. With a little of holy fire and a heavy smoke around, the priest was in complete form with all the hymns etc etc which neither the hosts nor the guests might have understood ( I doubt the priest even )…. Anyways, the marriage was successfully over and they both are now together for life time. Just a couple of hours after, the reception was scheduled. I pity the couple, who had to stand for hours together as the guests were having sumptuous dinner. No issues, U got to take some pain, to have blessings from so many people…..

Anyways, it was a wonderful marriage. Oops!. The names, Ribhav & Neha ..

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal.


At January 12, 2007 8:51 pm, Blogger Ribhav said...

Hi Bhanu...and others.This is something I would like to add.
This Tambi...had always denied the visit to marriage right from the day we fixed the marriage date...And not having Bhanu at our marriage was not going down well with both of us...But no we were absolutely mistaken by his rhetorics and got the biggest surprise ever....Thanks a lot Bhanu.You have no idea what does it means u having around us in our most imp moments of life...Thanks a lot. The description have rewound every minute of our marriage...we saw somethings which we have actually not...Thanks for everything...

At January 17, 2007 11:53 am, Blogger Ravi Shankar said...

nice post bahnu .
i liked the last sanp .it is good .
abe tu kab shadi kar raha hai ?
mujhe south ki shadi dekhni hai .

At January 25, 2007 8:29 pm, Anonymous AjiNIMC said...

I am in delhi attending marriages for 2x2 batchmates.


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