Friday, August 11, 2006

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A couple of weeks back, there was a brief article in a business tabloid by, Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, of Kellogg School of Management. This was on, what ails Marketing in companies and what are the ways to transform Marketing. I just wanted to share some excerpts from it.

In relation to what ails Marketing in companies, he says, to define “ The Role of Marketing” in an organization and “ The Value of Marketing” to an organization. So is the reason that Chief Marketing Officer of a company finds a way for cost-cutting measures in Marketing budgets.

Hence, for the above two reasons, to transform Marketing in line to Peter Drucker’s view that Marketing 'n' Innovation produce results in a company and rest all are costs, he gave a seven-point manifesto necessary for transformation.

@ Market The Marketing Department

@ Change The Marketing Mind-Set

@ Earn Credibility Through Customer Expertise

@ Focus On Customer Experience

@ Think In Process Terms

@ Create An ROI Culture

@ Embrace Technology

Hope to see an increased effectiveness in Marketing Functionality

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal.


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