Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Most Effective Print Advertisement | s | ...

As we just touch upon the penultimate month of this calendar year, recently, had managed to collate some of the amazing Print Ad’s for the year, through some e-source. Be it about a foundation, a product or a social purpose, the message has been driven home, wonderfully. Just have a look at them. As far as my opinion goes, the Ad’ broadcasting the message “ Save Trees”, is the best among them.

An Ad With A Message Save Trees & Trees Save U

A Karate School Being Advertised Above

The Potential of Pioneer Car Audio Systems

Trying To Publicise The Effectiveness of Fevicol

The Power of Milk Powder Is Being Said

Cigar’s Assembled Asking Not To Smoke By A Cancer Foundation

Advertisement For Promoting A Chewing Gum

Publicising Big Bazar Women’s Day Celebration

Wud personally promote the message by Cancer Foundation ( of Finland )

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal.