Monday, August 28, 2006

The Alumni Meet : Nostalgia | 2@@6 | ...

One of my most beautiful and happening occasions in Calcutta, has just passed. It was Saturday, the 26th of August, when our Alumni Meet ( Nostalgia 2006 ) was scheduled. Waiting for this day since a couple of months, I had reached my institute at 1700 hours, after my office ( The meet started at 10:30 AM ). Students and Alumni to see everywhere, it was like, the institute was trying to accommodate whole of the world in it’s campus. The sight of our Institute and the vertically held banner of Nostalgia 2006 on it, was so refreshing from one side and highly nostalgic from the other, that I am falling short of words to express. I had to meet ‘N’ number of people before I cud actually enter the hall, where the cultural program was being held.

Soon after this, as we came out of the hall, we started standing, sitting, and moving around all those places where we used to be, during our college days. The DJ’s time has finally come. The Basket Ball court was well decorated with large and very large speakers all around. The music started going over our heads and the dance party has taken off, as the last event for the day before the dinner. We jumped here and there for some time, to the music, as we were habituated to, not being civilized on the dance floor. As time was racing away and hunger had challenged our physical strength, we had to end the first phase and enter the mess for dinner. The same old standing in the queue carrying spoons and plates, repeated and we really enjoyed behaving as students for some time. After the wonderful dinner, where we actually did not eat much and rather spent time chatting with all others, we went for the second phase of being jumping jack. We didn’t even realize that we were on the floor for two long hours and had to stop when were informed that, the music is not going to continue anymore. All the alumni ( I was no different ) was very reluctant to move away from the place, BUT WE HAD TO…..

Kudos to all those who were involved in conducting this event and thanks to all those who have attended and made it a success. Last, but not the least, the memento ( A Table Clock ) which was given to the alumni who have attended, needs a special mention.

My Institute Building Before It's New Nomenclature

Institute Building Well Decorated On Nostalgia - 2006

Along With Some Of The Alumni & Current Batch Students (1)

Along With Some Of The Alumni & Current Batch Students (2)

Sitting with Reema Mam & Kulpreet Sir On The Puliya

With Reema Man During The Dance Party In Basket Ball Court

The Memento Given To The Alumni Who Attended The Meet

Signing off, with a great hope to attend the next meet....

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal.

Friday, August 11, 2006

A Manifesto 4 Market | ing | ...

A couple of weeks back, there was a brief article in a business tabloid by, Professor Mohanbir Sawhney, of Kellogg School of Management. This was on, what ails Marketing in companies and what are the ways to transform Marketing. I just wanted to share some excerpts from it.

In relation to what ails Marketing in companies, he says, to define “ The Role of Marketing” in an organization and “ The Value of Marketing” to an organization. So is the reason that Chief Marketing Officer of a company finds a way for cost-cutting measures in Marketing budgets.

Hence, for the above two reasons, to transform Marketing in line to Peter Drucker’s view that Marketing 'n' Innovation produce results in a company and rest all are costs, he gave a seven-point manifesto necessary for transformation.

@ Market The Marketing Department

@ Change The Marketing Mind-Set

@ Earn Credibility Through Customer Expertise

@ Focus On Customer Experience

@ Think In Process Terms

@ Create An ROI Culture

@ Embrace Technology

Hope to see an increased effectiveness in Marketing Functionality

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal.