Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Batch Mate’s Belated Birthday Treat

Venue : Sanjha Chulha, E.M. Bypass, Calcutta
* Host : Sohini Dasgupta
Guests : Harpreet, Kunal, Mithun, Vivek & Myself.

On Saturday, the 24th of June. After the so-called Half-Day in the office, where I stayed till 4:30 pm, was planning how to spend the rest of the day. Within no time, I realized that, there was an invitation for dinner from one of my batch mate’s, Sohini, who was planning to give away her belated birthday treat, which was on 16th of June.

In line with what we were taught in MBA, not to say ‘NO’ to a free Lunch / Dinner, was planning when & how to go to the restaurant. First went to Crossword and picked a book for her and then roaming here and there with another batch mate of mine some how reached the venue by 7:20 pm, twenty minutes past the said time. Anyways, no regrets, bcoz, the host and the other’s who were also invited, reached at the same time.

It was very gud to see some of my batch mates there with a big smile on their face. We all entered the restaurant and asked a table for 6 at one corner. Just after we took our seat, the waiter came, asking for H2O etc etc … It was the next minute when my excitement & embarrassment have taken shape simultaneously. Former, 4 meeting all the batch mates and discussing both work & personal life and latter bcoz, I realized I was the only Vegetarian in the group. It’s an old story, which happens to me since my college days.

The order was placed and everything went fine. Nothing more to say about food, since in Veg, except 4 Pyaz & Paneer, there were only plates, glasses, spoons & forks. We gave the tip to the waiter and left the restaurant. Outside the restaurant we had “Pan” ( in hindi ), talked for some more time as if we were to meet next, not before one year. But interestingly had ended the discussion deciding for another get-together, exactly one week after. Let’s see whether it will materialize or not ?….

The story ends and all went to their respective places, some by personal vehicles & others by public one’s. It’s the courtesy of Vivek, the Tech (y) guy of our batch, that the snaps are with us.

From Left : Harpreet, Mithun, Kunal, Sohini
Invisible : Vivek ( The Photographer )

It Was A Wonderful Get-Together

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Is The First Time I’m Blog | ing | …

With no ideas supporting thoughts, and no words making a poetic sentence, I ve started to write for, the first ever blog in my life. With immediate effect, what I am in a position to express is something more about myself, other than the bullets given in “My Profile”.

I am basically from Hyderabad. Having done my B.Tech in Computer’s 4rm Hyderabad, just to learn how to switch on & off a PC, I joined National Institute of Management Calcutta ( Presently, Army Institute of Mgmt. ), to earn an MBA in Mktg. & Systems, for myself.

It is there where I ve learnt to live life. Friends to see everywhere and no enemies surrounding U anywhere, it is the greatest experience I wud ever have in my life.

Currently I am working with Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., marketing Polypropylene.

Journey 4rm Tambi to Babumoshai is very much memorable to me and this being my first blog, I had to write something, bcoz of gud people like U who might glance through ‘MY’ Blog ‘BY’ Chance…

More about Life @ NIMC wud follow in my subsequent posts ...

Smile Always ...

Raja Gopal.