Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Place | New Assignment | New People |

It’s almost a generation gap since my last post on the blog. There are a host of big things which happened in this space on my end. After a little short of 3 years, I have left Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd., Kolkata and came down to Mumbai. Right now, I am associated with LyondellBasell, w.e.f 02nd June 2008. Having led a life of almost 5 years in Kolkata, leaving the place, the company and the people is undoubtedly a pain……But, guess that is what life is ! ! ! This is a European company based out of Netherlands and I am working in Supply Chain function.

Taking a shift from being a Babumoshai, today I’m a Mumbai'kar….. It’s a wonderful feeling being in the business capital of the country. Life is too fast here and managing my expenses wud be a challenge, staying in the most expensive part of the country….

Having so many friends and relatives here, spending the weekends wudn’t be an issue and there has already been a get-together with my Juniors last Sunday……

I have just led a life of a couple of weeks in Mumbai and the company and let’s see how the new assignment and the place wud be treating me in life !.....

Smile Always,

Raja Gopal /-