Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Atlantis Space Expedition Coverage.....

Hi everybody !.... Specially to those who might have been sure that I m gone, don’t worry I am still alive and very much on Planet Earth. Back after quite some time and this time about humans unlike me who do stay on places other than Earth.

The most interesting and famous among news discussions these days other than, M & A’s is the Atlantis Space Shuttle Expedition. The journey which ended on 23rd June, early in the morning has almost travelled 6 million miles and also holds the record of Sunita Williams, the Indian – American Astronaut, for the longest stay by any women astronaut in space, of about 194 days. Had got some photo coverage about the expedition from an e-source.

Ooh !.... Guess, I can replace the official NASA Spokesman. Anyways, just have a luk at these……

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Raja Gopal.